We create tablet and mobile Apps for education and training

What we do

We produce educational Apps for the iPad and other tablets. Our focus is mathematics in the age range 8 to 16 years. Our mission is to produce the highest quality content and best interactive learning experience for students worldwide.

Our Technology

Our apps are based on our own content delivery framework. We employ a hybrid approach for App development We use our own proprietary toolkit to manage and produce HTML5 rich media content.


We are looking for people who would be interested in producing original educational content for our apps.


We do take on App design and development consultancy.

Our Apps

Provide a rich interactive learning experience.

Come in three forms 1000+ questions, 2000+ questions or 3000+ questions

Provide step through worked examples and supporting theory

Monitor progress and report achievements as the student learns.

Provide a paperless working environment with a slide over translucent note pad for workings.

Come with built in a slide over translucent calculator.

Come with a cross referencing dictionary of mathematical terms.

3000+ Fractions

Over 3000 thousand interactive questions: simplify fractions, add fractions, subtract fractions, divide fractions, compare fractions, order fractions, find equivalents fractions, find estimates, convert fractions to and from decimals and word problems.

Age range 8 to 16 years and adult learners consistent national syllabus e.g. USA K12 and UK Key Stage 2 and 3 and GCSE

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2000+ Percentages

Over 2000 thousand interactive questions..

Status In development coming soon...

1000+ Ratios

Over 1000 thousand interactive questions.

Status In development coming soon...

2000+ Decimals

Over 2000 thousand interactive questions.

Status In development coming soon...